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China Aggressively Reasserting Its Rights Around The Globe!

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China Takes On More Conflicts Around The Globe!

From territorial rows with neighboring countries to diplomatic tensions with the western nations, and even human rights matters, we have never seen China taking on conflicts around the globe in such an assertive manner. It’s like the Chinese Govt. think that the time to announce themselves as a global superpower has finally arrived.

The increasing confrontations by the Chinese govt. against the various nations around the globe is seen by many as the Chinese President’s drive to shed past strategies of discreet diplomacy and return China to its rightful place as a global superpower.

All these conflicts have surfaced after the America First Policies incorporated by the US president that alienated the allies and started a trade war with China.

As Steve Tsang (Director of The China Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London) said, “There is a sense that the time has come for China to claim its spot under the sun.

He added,

“That means meeting the call by Xi to “unsheathe the sword.”


China has been recently getting involved in a trio of territorial rows, the first and most deadly was with India in a disputed part of the Himalayas last month, which resulted in the casualties of 20 Indian soldiers. And both the sided blamed each other for the unfortunate incident.

China’s recent step up in claiming the most of the South China Sea has gotten it into conflicts with Vietnam and Taiwan, and there appears to be no resolution any time soon as the tensions between the nations are at a boiling point. While in the East China Sea it’s been at a row with Japan over the disputed uninhabited Islands.


The adoption of strident diplomatic tactics by China has seen its relation with various western nations plummet. Initially, China was the focus of anger by them for the COVID-19 outspread but after most of the western nations failed to control the virus outbreaks in the country the Chinese govt. change its stance.

They went on the offensive and took the anger out on other nations with Australia being the major target after it enraged the Chinese by calling an investigation over the virus origins. The Chinese govt. slammed Australia with trade sanctions for this. China also charged two Canadians with espionage last month, which is seen as a direct response for the arrest of Chinese Telecom giant top executive in Vancouver.


The recent international backlash for Beijing’s power play in Hong Kong was another example of an increased in China’s confidence in its status as a global superpower. The western governments claim that the recent security law by china erodes the unique freedom of the financial hub (Hong Kong).

On this matter, a top Chinese official replied, “Its none of your business.” China has also vowed to sanction countermeasures after the recent developments made by the UK for Hong Kong’s citizens and by the US as it revoked the special trade status enjoyed by Hong Kong.

China also used a newer tactic to tackle the situation, as it countered the criticism of 27 western nations by obtaining the support of more than 50 nations (most with dubious democratic history themselves) at the UN Human Rights Council.

Even last year, when China’s mass internment of the Muslim population in the Xinjiang region was criticized by 22 nations, it responded with a list of 37 nations that support China’s ‘anti-terrorism’ strategy.

“Gone are the days when the Chinese depended on the whims of others to survive,” said Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of Beijing’s office for Hong Kong affairs.

This statement pretty much sums up that the Chinese now consider themselves as a global superpower and will not shy away from being involved in further conflicts down the line.

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