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Celebrities Call Out Priyanka Chopra For Her Demeaning Attitude Towards Pakistani Girl

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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra found herself in hot water on social media for her demeaning attitude towards a Pakistani girl

In a video, which is now going viral on the internet, a Pakistani girl named Ayesha Malik called out Priyanka Chopra for being a hypocrite for encouraging nuclear war between India and Pakistan being the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Of Peace

While the girl had the guts to speak up against the Bollywood superstar in front of the whole crowd at a cosmetics event in Los Angeles, Priyanka Chopra didn’t take it quite well. Before Ayesha could even finish her question, the guards snatched the mic out of her hand and silenced her voice.

The worst thing happened when Priyanka pretended to let the girl finish and then made sure to make her feel embarrassed, proving that she’s indeed a good actress.

Watch what Priyanka Chopra has to say after a Pakistani girl confronted her in an event!

As soon as this video went viral on the internet, Pakistanis came up in support of the girl and lashed out at Priyanka Chopra for her demeaning attitude.

Many Pakistani celebrities also called out the Bollywood superstar and shared their stance!

Armeena Khan called Priyanka Chopra ‘a walking disgrace to the very word “humanitarian”‘!

The Sherdil actress who is also very vocal about the Kashmir Issue was further disgusted after the girl was silenced!

Armeena Khan believes in doing something rather than just speaking up on social media. 

The Pakistani-Canadian actress has written a letter to UNICEF to express disappointment at the continued relationship between UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra. Being an active humanitarian, Armeena has urged the UN to dismiss Priyanka as their Goodwill Ambassador with a detailed account of her biased behavior on several occasions.

Mansha Pasha said that it’s horrifying how Priyanka embarrassed the girl!

Veena Malik has only one word after watching this video.


Kubra Khan also lashed out at Priyanka for her hypocrisy!

Adnan Malik said that whatever Priyanka said doesn’t even make sense!

People on social media including Pakistanis as well as some Indians, are quite furious at Priyanka for dealing with the situation in the worst way possible.


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