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Bushra Ansari Still Doesn’t Want To Open Up About Her Divorce After Five Years!

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari shared her point of view about her divorce with Iqbal Ansari!

Bushra Ansari may seem as always smiling, always cheerful person but she has braved many issues in life. The biggest being her divorce with veteran TV director Iqbal Ansari that took place five years back.

When Ahsan Khan asked her about it during his show, she didn’t say much despite the audience wanting to know more. However, the Fifty-Fifty actress did mention that the divorce was her conscious decision.

She responded,

“Actually, many years have passed since my divorce.”

She further added,

“Our clan—that includes my friends Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmed, Saba Hameed, and even Uzma Gillani—had a good image and spent a fulfilling ‘family life’ with our children while being in showbiz, especially during our PTV days. So we have a drawing of a good family life, which is in front of everyone.”

She continued,

“But when there is a disturbance in that, and since I’m not the sort of who blames people and gets angry, I feel people get very perturbed about such things. I don’t like discussing such things. For example, Jamal Shah and Faryal were such a great couple; even Tahira Saeed and Naeem Bokhari were such a beautiful couple. But when these couples separated, it broke people’s hearts and saddened them.”

“In truth, people don’t know what the actual problems are between couples. And it’s not that only actors go through such things, even bankers and doctors go through similar cases, male or female. So I felt when it came to such a personal issue, there was no need to share it with the entire nation,” she added.

It was good to see that Bushra Ansari shared what she wanted to on her own terms. Her right to privacy is as valid as anybody else’s.

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