Brace Yourselves For Mard March!

Brace Yourselves For Mard March!

Gender equality seems to be the biggest issue in Pakistan at the moment, especially after the Aurat March Rally that took place this Women’s Day on the streets of Karachi and Lahore. Thousands of oppressed women came out to demand their rights and for ending the patriarchal norms, and their efforts left a substantial number of netizens resentful.

Brace Yourselves For Mard March!

On one hand, the March received massive respect, but on the other, it was brutally criticized for some of the placards and slogans that were deemed too controversial. Slogans such as “Khana Mai Garam Karlungi, Bistar Khud Garam Karlo”, or “Shadi kay baad aur bohut kaam hain” were regarded as offensive by the moral police of Pakistan.

Also, the March evoked a lot of angst and frustration on social media as some even brought religion into the matter. However, the story didn’t end there as now, in response to the Aurat March, men too are now set to have their own version – “Mard March”.

The trend got viral on social media earlier in which the dudes are holding placards presenting witty slogans expressing the daily stereotype and problems that men face almost every day.

Have a look:

Brace Yourselves For Mard March!

Well, the trend received condemnation by the twitter netizens claiming it to be a sheer display of idiocy.

Whereas, others were supporting the objective.

While some validated the trend, others regarded it as an act of retaliation by the misogynistic men whose masculinity is so fragile that they had to come up with such an immature idea.

Let us know what you think!

Tooba Malik

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