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#BoycottUAE Is Trending On Pakistani Twitter & Here’s Why!

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#BoycottUAE is started in support of Kashmir!

Pakistani twitter is booming with all the hashtags of #BoycottUAE and you will be shocked to know the person that has started the trend is the famous Turkish influencer on twitter named Ali Keskin.

#BoycottUAE is trending in both Turkish and Pakistani twitter and Ali Keskin is the one to call out UAE. He shared a series of tweets in which he encouraged people to raise their voice and a large number of Pakistanis and Turkish people have followed the trend and now the #BoycottUAE is trending in both Pakistan and Turkey.


He further tweeted:

However, the microblogging website is seen divided on the opinions as some were supporting and others were not, as they think it will not be in the best interest of damaging the historically strong ties between Pakistan and UAE.


One of the biggest reasons for the trend is UAE’s cargo flight under the banner of ETIHAD Airways that has made its first ‘Known’ flight carrying the medical supplies for Palestinians that landed at Israel’s Tel Aviv Airport.

Danny Danon, Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, through his tweet, confirms the news:


It is a fact that Pakistan has always supported Turkey through thick and thins and right now, also they are doing the same and adding the amazing series of Resurrection: Ertugral the bond is between both countries is an all-time high.

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