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Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar Look Lit In Their Recent Song ‘Qubool’

Bilal Saeed

Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar’s Qubool came under hot waters!

The recent collaboration of the two stars Bilal Saeed and Sabar Qamar’s music video Qubool is out now and both of them look lit in the music video.

However, last week Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar’s song received a lot of backlash for the shot that is been recorded in Wazir Khan mosque terming it for being disrespectful of the holy place.

The music video is produced under the banner of One Two records and it is also a directorial debut of Saba Qamar as the duo exploring the feeling of being loved or loving your better half and overcoming the conflict with your better half.

The song is written, composed, produced, and performed by Bilal Saeed himself. The song is catchy with the Punjabi lyrics as Bilal Saeed is very much popular for that and it literally soothes your mood and pulls at the strings of your heart and on the screen, you see a short small beautiful story of a couple that is complemented by the song.

Previously when the clip of the video went viral and people started to lash out Saba Qamar clarified:

“A prologue to the music video featuring a nikah scene. It was neither shot with any sort of playback music nor has it been edited to the music track”.

Following that 12 Saal singer pledged to make amends and stated:

“As a realization on our part, I am removing the entire sequence from the video, and assure you that we won’t make such mistakes in the near future.”

Moreover, the song is out with the edited version and if we see to it the song is good and soothes your mood. We should give a bravo to Bilal Saeed for such amazing lyrics and hats off to Saba Qamar for adding another feather to her hat as a director.

Check out the full song here:

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