Bilal Ashraf – On Air With Omair | An Exclusive interview with Bilal Ashraf | Official HD

Bilal Ashraf – On Air With Omair |An Exclusive interview with Bilal Ashraf|

Bilal Ashraf is a Pakistani film actor and visual effects director. After studying visual effects from the Franklin Marshall College, he started his career as a visual effects director and then pursued his career in acting after making a brief appearance in the 2014 acclaimed thriller O21. Ashraf then starred as an army officer in another acclaimed war drama, Yalghaar in 2017.

Ashraf was born in Karachi into an Urdu -speaking Punjabi family.[3] Playing a Pashtun character in Janaan (2016) but himself not being one, he learned some Pashto for his role, enough to “look comfortable lip-syncing to songs.”[4]

Ashraf received his early education from St. Michaels Convent School in Karachi. He studied visual effects direction at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, United States. He did a double major in finance and arts. Later he went to Escape Studios in London to learn animation. He claims to have ten years of experience behind the camera.[5]

He initially worked as a hedge consultant in New York but he later quit his job and moved to London in order to study animation and visual effects on the insistence of his late sister, Sadia Ashraf, a director as well as a teacher of filmmaking at the New York University, who wanted to improve Pakistan’s cinema and with whom he created Radical Films. She is the reason he decided to become an actor.[6]

He has named Pink Floyd as his all-time favourite band, has chosen Scent of a Woman as the movie which pushed him to become an actor while he also described sculpting and painting as his “hidden talents

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