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BBA Student Inam Died Due to Negligence in Comsats University Islamabad


Inam died due to delay in medical support after a heart attack

Inam, a BBA student at Comsats University Islamabad campus died on Friday due to management’s negligence.

As per the sources, Inam’s condition started to get worse after he got a heart attack but he couldn’t receive proper medical care on time.

Inam was a student of 2nd semester BBA and suffered from a heart attack at around 11 AM. According to his class fellows, he could have been saved if timely medical support was provided to him by the university’s management.

After this incident, students of Comsats University have been protesting outside the Islamabad Campus.

A video that was sent by one of the students shows the situation outside the campus. He further shared that the university is not allowing media to enter the campus and even taking the phones from students who are making videos!

Even the ambulance was called by his fellow students but when it arrived after at the Campus, the security of the university didn’t allow it to enter the premises and it delayed the medical support which could have saved Inam’s life.

One of the students also tried to take Inam to the hospital in his personal vehicle but he faced confrontation from the security and they didn’t allow him to rush to his car.

Sources revealed that Inam passed away before the arrival of the ambulance. The students are accusing the management of his death and they are protesting in large numbers outside the campus.

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Kayenat Kalam

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