“Badleinge Jahaan” Junoon World Cup Anthem Is Here!

"Badleinge Jahaan" Junoon World Cup Anthem Is Here!

Nothing represents the joy of cricket better than music. In Pakistan, cricket and music summon a combined power that brings the whole nation to its feet, heightens the senses, flaunts the identity and brings everyone together as one in “Badleinge Jahaan” of Junoon.

With the World Cup starting soon, Junoon has managed to bring the passion of cricket to life with their liveliness, power, and dynamism. With the release of the much-anticipated cricket anthem “Badleinge Jahaan” in association with Peek Freans Sooper, Junoon is back with a bang after 15 LONG years and they couldn’t have picked a better occasion!

"Badleinge Jahaan" Junoon World Cup Anthem Is Here!

The cricket anthem heavily draws its power from an emotional place – with the video featuring minorities and marginalized communities of the country who are an equal part of Pakistan, Peek Freans Sooper and manage to deliver a crucial message because in “Badleinge Jahaan” of Junoon there is nothing that binds us together more than our love for cricket. The Video showcases the authentic, unique and diverse representation of what people do when this passion takes over the country.

"Badleinge Jahaan" Junoon World Cup Anthem Is Here!

“Badleinge Jahaan” of Junoon is empowering and celebratory; it evokes feelings of heritage and a sense of belonging. It isn’t meant to be just a World Cup song, rather it is meant to resonate with the Pakistani fans – of cricket and of Junoon. The lively energy of the song, the catchy tune, and the upbeat music has the potential to become a fond memory for the years to come.

"Badleinge Jahaan" Junoon World Cup Anthem Is Here!

Peek Freans Sooper has once again proved to be the brand that celebrates Pakistan and everything that is associated with it. It has always tried to make the country’s name shine in the world’s map, and “Badleinge Jahaan” is proof of that.

Check out the song below:

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