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Azaan Sami Talks About Father Adnan Sami’s Anti-Pakistan Tweets

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Talking about Adnan Sami, Azaan said that his father is more of a mentor and he respects him

The super talented music producer and screenwriter Azaan Sami Khan made us groove with some of the superhit songs of the season.

The 25-year old has composed the music for two of the most loved films of 2019, Parey Hut Love and Superstar. Moreover, Azaan is also set to make his acting debut very soon.

Recently, Azaan Sami Khan appeared in an interview with the BBC Asian Network where he talked about his work, family and of course, his father Adnan Sami and his infamous tweets!

Adnan Sami Gets Trolled on Twitter for Anti-Pakistan Sentiments

The famous Indian singer Adnan Sami makes headlines every other day for his anti-Pakistan tweets. The former Pakistani now Indian citizen faces a lot of backlash from Pakistani trolls on Twitter who also jokingly call him the secret ISI agent ‘Major Adnan Sami’.

However, Azaan Sami Khan, the son of Adnan Sami and veteran Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar, holds a different view towards this whole Adnan Sami vs Pakistani Twitter thing. He shared that he loves and respect his father, but his home is in Pakistan.

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✨ADNAN SAMI MAYBE A TRAITOR BUT HIS SON IS NOT- GOOD TO HEAR THAT⁣✨ ⁣ I don’t know why @adnansamiworld left the country, became an Indian citizen, it’s still a mystery to me. It’s not as if he has an amazing career in India, in fact as far as I know, he hardly has some work. Anyway, to me a person like that is nothing but a traitor. On many occasions he stirred up controversy with inappropriate tweets and unsolicited comments about Pakistan amidst rift between the two countries.⁣ ⁣ But recently, his son came up with such surprising statement. "As far as I'm concerned, the reason why I've never really spoken about it before has been because he's my father. I love him, I respect him. He's made certain decisions of where he wants to live and which country, he chooses to call home and I respect that. What I choose to call home is now my choice and I want to work in Pakistan. Pakistan is my home. I feel like the industry in Pakistan is my family. There's an immense pride for me and hope and ambition, that I could contribute to an industry which I call home."⁣ ⁣ #themillionshadesoflife #lifestyleblogger #blogger #lahore #karachi #pakistan #whatshappening #blogging #bloggernews #blogginglife #fashionblogger #stayupdated⁣ #lahorinews #pakistanicelebrities #thebignews #bloggers #pakistaniblogger #dontmissthis #dontmissthisnews #nofomo⁣ #adnansami #azaansamikhan

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Talking to Haroon Rasheed, Azaan said that his father made a choice to live in India and he’s made his choice to live and work in Pakistan.

Here’s what Azaan Sami Khan said:

As far as I am concerned, the reason I have never spoken about this before is that he is my father, I love him, I respect him.

What I choose to call home, now is my choice, and I chose to work in Pakistan.

Talking about his relationship with his father, Azaan said:

My father is more of a mentor, somebody with whom I seek advice from about my work. We have had a very tested relationship. I lived with my mom.

Well, we all know that whenever Adnan Sami tweets something against Pakistan, it becomes the hot topic of the day. Azaan Sami is also aware of this social media war and finds it interesting how people react to it around him.

It’s very interesting how people around me react when stuff like that happens because he’s my father so a lot of the time, there’s just silence. They don’t know what to say, and about how I am feeling.

Where Azaan has a mentor-like relationship with his father, he is very close to his mother the famous Zeba Bakhtiar. Talking about his mother, he said that she is a very disciplined and patriotic woman. He also acknowledged her efforts in his success after God.

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