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Asim Jofa Has An Amazing Plan To Help The Doctors Fighting COVID-19

Asim Jofa plan to help doctors - hit in pakistan

Asim Jofa is making protective gear for the doctors fighting COVID-19!

Asim Jofa shared recently that his team and he himself is working to make protective gear for all the doctors who are working day and night selflessly and tirelessly to treat the patients of COVID-19.

The amazing news is that in less than 48 hours, they have created a final prototype that has also been approved by medical experts. Asim Jofa shared the news through his social media video message.

He said:


“Our mission is to produce self-protection suits and masks for medical staff and doctors. We want to distribute these free of cost to help them.”

He further added,

“We have followed all norms of protection required.”

He also shared that the first prototype is also approved as he shared:


“Asim Jofa with his team had taken up the task for this good cause and we are very happy to announce within less than 48 hours we have successfully created a final prototype of a medical protective suit made according to the guidelines provided by medical experts and thankfully we have gotten it approved by an esteemed team of Dr. Seemin Jamali, Executive Director at JPMC. The production starts from tomorrow.”

It is indeed so heartwarming to see that every person is lending a helping hand and doing what they can do to help the front-liners who are selflessly fighting for humanity during these testing and uncertain times.

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