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Asim Azhar Opens Up About His Bond With Hania Aamir

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My bond with Hania Aamir is ‘bigger than any label’, Asim Azhar responds to the social media trolls!

Pakistan’s heartthrob singer Asim Azhar finally broke the silence over the relationship he shares with actress Hania Aamir, amid the ongoing gossip-mongering by the social media trolls.

Earlier in the week, Hania clarified publicly in a live session that she isn’t dating Asim, and that the two are best friends. This started a meme storm on social media and finally, Asim himself decided to speak out about his relationship with Hania, by saying they share a bond that is beyond any label.

Asim wrote a lengthy post on his Instagram account, where he first said that he always faced criticism throughout his journey and that both positive and negative people have played a key role in making him grow into a better human being.

Then he thanked his fans for their support throughout various channels and is pleased with the overwhelming response for his track Tum Tum that is still trending #1 on YouTube music. He then speaks out about the recent creative memes regarding Hania’s comment about their relationship.

By saying he enjoyed the humor, but sometimes you people unintentionally cross the lines. He posted,

“Khayal kar liya karo. The connection we share is beyond the comprehension of anyone. It is bigger than any label for me.”

He even confronted the social media trolls by saying they should stop meddling in other people’s lives like a muhalle ki phuppo.

‘Tou aram se betho saare, har jaga muhalle ki phuppo nahi bante.”

He then praises her for playing an important role in his life and added that she is the most beautiful and kindest human being. She has a huge impact on my life, she made me learn to love and give, and for that, I will always be there for her and she will be there for me, our bond is ‘beyond a label’.

He then concluded his post, by saying he is the one who responds more with their actions rather than words and revealed his upcoming single song ‘Soneya’ that is scheduled for release on July 23, 2020.

Upon the recent trolling on social media, Hania also clarified her remarks about Asim and her relationship, and asked the social brigade to “take it easy”.

Hania Aamir said:

“Asim is a beautiful part of my life and we have seen some insane times together and we share a bond beyond anyone’s comprehension. We choose to look at and acknowledge love not hate.”

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