ARY Digital – Khud Parast Last Episode Review

The confusedly executed drama serial Khud Parast finally comes to its end and the finale could have been handled in a much better way. The poor treatment of the sub-plots and disappointing execution had already put off the audience and it was about time that drama ended for good.

The episode begins with Adeel (Fahad Shaikh) divorcing Uswa (Ramsha Khan) who leaves the house. After coming to know about her mother (Sajida Shah)’s death, she collapses emotionally and even Saad (Saife Hassan) doesn’t let her enter the house. Afterward, Hanaan (Shehzad Sheikh) and Beenish (Nosheen Shah) tie the knot and he comes to know about the economic crisis of his mother (Asma Abbas)’s company. After learning about Bakhtawar’s condition from Khatun Bibi, he immediately rescues her. However, Bakhtawar, apologizes to Beenish and asks Moeez (Hasan Ahmad) to leave the house. As for Uswa, she finally dies of HIV and Hannan, unknowingly contributes some amount in her funeral.

The drama serial’s final episode left no impact at all. The episode could have been made influential if the writer had focused on exploring the dynamics of such a complex plot. Uswa’s character does not have much to do in the episode, and what has actually been shown, was too predictable and lacking in general terms. The writer could have added more perspectives in order to display the consequences of vice and immorality. A few sequences were better, like Hannan rescuing her mother was an emotional sequence for which Asma Abbas should be credited. Ramsha Khan was below-average considering she was the Khud Parast; Shehzad Shaikh also didn’t impress much, however, Asma Abbas and Gul e Rana won our hearts. Hassan Ahmad delivers a fine performance but the biggest disappointment was director Aabis Raza who on one hand is impressive in Bandish but here couldn’t wrap up the mess, maybe because of mediocre writing and bad acting from the lead.

Sheheryar Shahid

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