ARY Digital – Khud Parast Episode 26 Review

Khud Parast is back with its penultimate episode which was very difficult to absorb. The director Abis Raza couldn’t handle the twists and although the advancements are really good, the problem lies in their treatment.

The episode revolves around Uswa (Ramsha Khan) who loses her mother Zarina (Sajida Shah) and whose husband Adeel (Fahad Shaikh) asks her to leave as he is found to be HIV positive and blames his wife, which is wrong as he knew about the disease. As for her mom’s death, the brothers decide not to inform Uswa as they thought she knew about the disease. At her former in-laws, Bakhtawar (Asma Abbas) also comes to know about the reality through Khatoon Bibi and cries hysterically in sheer guilt.

Everything happens in this episode too fast which fails to create an impact. The director manages to develop an empathetic space for Uswa, which, as a matter of fact, communicates her guilt and vulnerability more effectively. The performance isn’t bad but the treatment of the subplots is. Director Aabis Raza could have worked around these issues well but didn’t. Let’s hope that the last episode successfully manages to wrap up the subplots when it is aired next week.

Sheheryar Shahid

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