ARY Digital – Cheekh Episode 13 Review

ARY Digital’s Cheekh starring Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas is back and although the play hasn’t moved ahead in the last two weeks, the impulsive performance of the main leads and supporting cast keep you involved in the plot.

The latest episode starts with the continuous character assassination of Mannat (Saba Qamar) by Wajih (Bilal Abbas). He even tells Shayan (Imad Erfani) that Mannat is a characterless woman who is involved with her sister’s ex-fiance and should be thrown out if the house immediately. However, he managed to convince him later when he came home in bruises and told a lie about the whole situation.

Shayan, a family oriented guy and a lover; is struck between the situation where he wanted to sort out the issue. He brought a solution to his family that if Mannat withdraws her case against his younger brother, the family would let her stay in the house otherwise the family will not compromise with her.

Shyan wanted to believe Mannat but being a brother he is not ready to accept the truth, therefore, he asked his wife to take an oath and tell the truth to which Mannat reacted in affirmative.

The whole drama is progressing very slowly and we wonder what will they do in the next few episodes since it is obvious that Wajih (Bilal Abbas) is the murderer. Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) is providing full support to Wajih which is disturbing for Shayan and Mannat. Saba Qamar proves that she is the best actress around through her near-perfect acting while Bilal Abbas plays the impulsively violent brother-in-law and does full justice to his role.

We hope that the next episode progresses rapidly as it has already created a lot of suspense.

Midhat Ashraf

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