ARY Digital – Bandish Episode 9

The dark themed supernatural play Bandish showers us with some fascinating developments and bewitching sequences. The latest episode casts its spell effortlessly through excellent content and hypnotic performances. The treatment of the plot and its altogether coherence with the subplots is up-to-the-mark. The ninth episode manages to impress us again through a convincing narrative which we usually don’t see on our TV.

Aleena (Hoorain) accuses Shumaila of her husband’s murder under the influence of the demonic entity which makes Shumaila go back, leaving Abayan (Salman Saqib) confused. The spell becomes the apple of discord between Sania (Hira Mani) and Madiha (Marina Khan) and misunderstandings in the house give birth to a chaotic atmosphere. Sumbal (Farah Shah) summons Sania by manipulating her and injects negative thoughts about her mother, while Aleena keeps on scaring everyone since she has been possessed already.

A new twist has been introduced on rational grounds, which has raised the audience’s bar successfully. How smoothly the twist has been pulled off, writers of the play Shahid Nizami and Syed Nabeel must be applauded for it. All the sequences are magical but the night sequence in which Aleena frightens Hania (Zubab) is surely the highlight. The background score especially the occult rhythm is fabulous and director Abis Raza’s aesthetic sense must be commended for that.

As far as the performances are concerned, every actor in the episode does a near-perfect job. Hoorain steals the show through her perfect expressions and acting; Marina Khan is really focused and Hira Mani is a strong performer. Even the child star Erum, who plays an evil entity in the play manages to give us spooky vibes. Farah Shah is wonderful whereas Zainab Ahmad does justice to her role as do Zubab Rana and Sajid Hassan. Salman Saqib, however, conveys a very casual performance and it would have been better had his role been given to a better, serious actor. Overall, the promising episode tends to win our hearts once again leaving us more hopeful, excited and motivated about the next episodes.

Sheheryar Shahid

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