ARY Digital – Bandish Episode 11 Review

The much-anticipated cryptic play Bandish astounds us with another creepy episode that revolves around the helpless Madiha (Marina Khan) who has been abandoned by her children. However, Sania (Hira Mani) eventually comes to know about Sumbal (Farah Shah)’s identity and is attacked by the evil witch.

Furthermore, Sandal (Zainab Ahmad) becomes agitated because of Junaid (Sajid Hassan)’s daughters and she, as a matter of fact, makes Hania (Zubab Rana) perform all the chores by sugar-coating the pill. Abayan (Saqib Salman) traces Sania’s mobile location which happens to be Sumbal’s lair. Therefore, the cops along with Madiha, raid at her lair but due to her sorcery fail to find out Sania.

After PTV’s classic horror serial Haqeeqat, Bandish will be able to make its room in the Pakistani classics owing to its top-notch script and brilliant technical management. The episode is very engaging and shows some action after a couple of episodes. The highlight of the episode is the dialogue between Sania and Sumbal and the way she shows her wrathful action is totally worth watching. The visual effects and set designing are commendable. The story continues to develop its occultic rhythm and explicates the maturity and finesse of the writers over the subject.

As far as the performances are concerned, Farah Shah steals the show by bringing forward her best side of the character. Marina Khan sophisticatedly performs whereas Hira Mani surprisingly underperforms in the episode. Zainab Ahmad’s versatility is to die for and Sajid Hassan is perfect too. Rest of the characters assist in moving the story forward. On the whole, Bandish deserves all the accolades for its extremely intriguing content and perfect depiction of the spooky theme.

Sheheryar Shahid

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