Armeena Rana Khan Gets Trolled By Priyanka Chopra Fandom

Janaan famed beauty Armeena Khan is famous for saying her mind and that’s exactly why she is at the moment on the hit list of Priyanka Chopra fans who are trolling her on Twitter.

The bold and beautiful actress, who have had been very open about her views on country politics and events took the overwhelming trolls to twitter and stated, “Team Priyanka attacking me from fake accounts. So classless honestly.”


Later, in another comment, she posted the visual presentation of such coarse remarks by PC’s fans who verbally attacked her and spread hate after when people asked her for the abusive messages that collectively bashed her for doing a film based on war;  idiotically relating the two irrelevant situations.

Priyanka Chopra Fandom Attacks Armeena Khan!

Priyanka Chopra Fandom Attacks Armeena Khan!

To this, the twitteratis gave assorted reaction and remarks and were very legit in their own witty ways.

Someone suggested filming the Samjhota Express incident and Indian Government’s injustices to Muslims in their country.

This happened earlier in February as well when the Indian government was swayed by war hysteria, and many of the Bollywood film stars supported the idea. It is when Armeena Khan had criticized the stars for taking part in the campaign promoting war, bloodshed and loathe.

Her tweets emerged as a reaction to the fake surgical strike 2 propaganda that had created tensions between the two countries, powered by the influential stars thrilled by Indian air force’s trespass into Pakistani airspace.

Later, she specifically retweeted PC’s tweet that supported the war frenzy and was very precise about her words. She openly asserted her to be a hypocrite for war when she’s a Good Will Ambassador for UNICEF.

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