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Armeena Khan Wins the Internet with Epic Reply to Indian Troll!

Armeena Khan

An Indian troll called out Armeena Khan for being ‘jealous’ of Priyanka Chopra

Actress/Humanitarian Armeena Khan has always been vocal about political, human rights and social issues.

Among other celebrities who are raising their voices for the rights of Kashmiris after India revoked Jammu & Kashmir’s special status, Armeena has also remained very active from the last two months.

Armeena also called out Priyanka Chopra for her jingoism and warmongering against Pakistan. She also demanded that the UN remove Priyanka as their peace ambassador and has been talking about it ever since. Due to this reason, the Sherdil actress also faces a lot of abuse from Indians on Twitter

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Oh really? Do tell me more.

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Recently, Armeena once again comes across twitter troll and her savage response won the internet!

The Daldal actress wrote ‘Zero Power to War Mongers’, in response to a tweet praising Priyanka to which an Indian asked her why is she jealous of the Bollywood star?

Armeena Khan doesn’t miss much on Twitter and came up with a savage reply to shut the troll.

She wrote:

Dude, I swear to God. I WISH there was something to be jealous of. I wish! If she was Angelina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai THEN you could’ve said something to me but honestly, she’s not a positive role model nor is as big as you think she is. Tum logon ko naya Jura hai hence gng crazy

Pakistanis are absolutely loving the epic reply by Armeena Khan to shut down the haters. And, they are coming up with more savage responses to call out those who support war!

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