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Armeena Khan Speaks Up Against Child Abuses Cases in Pakistan

Armeena Khan Demands Justice for 4-year old Jannat

Armeena Khan has voiced her concerns against the institutions after a little girl was brutally raped and murdered near Mansehra.

The Sherdil actress Armeena Khan has always been vocal when it comes to talking about social and human rights issues. She has now bashed the institutions, demanding justice for Jannat and to put the criminals behind the bars.

The number of child abuse cases in Pakistan are increasing at an alarming rate as we come across horrifying incidents every other day. Recently, a 4-year-old girl named Jannat was brutally raped and thrown down a well in her village near Mansehra.

The girl was found after 4 days in a very critical situation and was hospitalized. However, due to a lack of facilities and unhelpful staff Jannat couldn’t survive.

Armeena Khan was disgusted by this news and called out the authorities on social media.

Here’s what Armeena Khan wrote:

See this face? Yes, this could’ve been your daughter. 4 yr old raped, thrown in a well where she starved and shivered for 4 days. You know what killed her in the end? Lack of facilities at the hospital. Where’s the outrage now? Where’s our ghairat now?


Armeena has also called out the authorities to fund the hospitals and tighten the laws and hopes that people will raise their voices to stop violence against children.

The Bin Roye actress has also requested all the parents to trust no one with children, especially minors.

I could keep adding the headlines forever. To all the parents, trust no one with your children especially minors. Ladies, if you have maids and attendants pls enlighten them on this issue. #Stopchildsexualabuse #stricterlawenforcement #protectourchildren

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