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Are Bangladesh’s Ties With India Deteriorating?


Bangladesh’s shift in diplomatic preferences is clear in the region!

Bangladesh’s long ties after the separation of East Pakistan with West Pakistan in the year of 1971 has caused the major damage between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Now after the passing of the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in India against Muslims, it has caused a paradigm shift in the diplomatic preferences of Bangladesh in the region that shows all is not good between Bangladesh and India.

Bangladesh is slowly tilting towards Pakistan and China, as a visible change in the country’s diplomatic interests. The strain in the ties of Bangladesh and India is now openly discussed on both sides of the media.

A leading daily of Bangladesh Bhorer Kagoj has reported and it is also quoted by The Hindu of India that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina Wajid has not met Indian High Commissioner in the last four months despite their repeated requests.

Moreover, The Hindu has tried to contact the Indian High Commission in Dhaka and also the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to seek answers to the questions related to the matter but they have received no response.

The Hindu further reported that how Bangladesh has slowed all the work done on the Indian projects since Prime Minister Hasina Wajid’s 2019 re-election. instead of that, Dhaka is looking more inclined towards the Chinese infrastructure projects that are working in the country.

Even Dhaka has given the contract of building an airport terminal in Sylhet to a Chinese company despite the concerns shared by India.

Not only that, but a rare telephonic conversation of Prime Minister Imran Khan with his Bangladeshi counterpart Hasina Wajid and how he put forward Islamabad’s stance over the matter also shows that everything is not ok between Bangladesh and India as Bangladesh is inclining towards Pakistan and China.

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