Apple iPhone 11 Hopes To Attract Customers Through Price Cut!


Apple’s latest iPhone, iPhone 11 is here with a huge surprise. It’s not a new feature or design, but the pricing strategy that they hope will bring back customers to the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 11 starts at the least price of $699, which is less from the iPhone XR’s $749 price last year. The XR stays in the lineup for around $599, a $150 decrease for a phone that’s only a year old. This is one of the biggest notable year-over-year reduction in iPhone history.

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“The biggest news from the Apple launch was the price cut for iPhone 11,” which is very much appreciated by everyone.

The iPhone 8 from 2017 now costs $449, also down $150, while the Apple Watch Series 3 from the same year saw its price drop to $199 from $279, which is a huge price decrease for an iPhone gadget.

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Apple is known as one of the most valuable companies around the world by designing innovative consumer hardware. However, they are also known for charging a lot of amount for their gadgets.

Apple has struggled to maintain once-frenzied demand for the iPhone to bring some more innovative features. Many Western and Chinese consumers already own a smartphone and are reluctant to upgrade due to a lack of breakthrough features.


The consumers prefer Chinese alternatives rather than buying costly iPhones with similar features. The price cut is a very good change, which the Apple users are waiting for a long time. It will help the consumers to return to their favorite brand.

Apple has not only lowered buying cost for its iPhone 11 but for other products including their Apple streaming services.

Nimra Arshad

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