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Amna Ilyas sizzles as Khilti Kali in Baaji dance number

Amna Ilyas sizzles as Khilti Kali

Khilti Kali

Hotness Alert: Don’t Be Silly remix belongs to Amna Ilyas

Saqib Malik’s tribute to 1970s through Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, and Meera

In an era when we don’t have good quality film songs, there comes Khilti Kali the video of which went viral during the Eid holidays. Not many know that the Amna Ilyas song is actually a remix of ‘Don’t be Silly’ number from a 1972 film Sabaq, that was composed by Nisar Bazmi and sung by Runa Laila.

Don’t Be Silly was way ahead-of-its-time composition!

It was an ahead-of-its-time composition from a time when only Runa Laila could pronounce English words correctly. Featuring dancing star Husna and Hanif, this song was a rage in the ’70s, and represented the club culture that was abolished in 1977.

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Amna Ilyas raises the temperature in Khilti Kali song

Moving on to 2019, the song has been rechristened Khilti Kali and is being filmed on Meera Ji, Osman Khalid Butt, and Amna Ilyas. We all know Meera’s standing as the dancing star, it is the other girl in the video who stands out. Yes, the dance number belongs to Amna Ilyas whose avatar in the club number raises the temperature in the video.

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Director Saqib Malik retains the original feel of the classic song!

The vocals have been provided by Zeb Bangash, Taha Malik and Osman Khalid Butt. OKB also does double duty as ‘extra’ lyricist while Taha Malik recreates the Nisar Bazmi number in 2019 style. Thankfully, director Saqib Malik understood the importance of the original lyrics by Kaleem Usmani and kept them as a tribute to the original number.

What makes this Amna Ilyas number stand out from other dance numbers

This song represents the club culture in 2019, something that other directors seem to miss in their films. And why wouldn’t they? It is easy to book a mansion for a shoot and gather all the actors together and make a feature film. Only Saqib Malik could dare to break taboo and go for a remixed number, using his ‘music cells’ for something groundbreaking. Although the intro sounds like the Balma song from Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786, the song takes its own course afterward. Wahab Shah has done the choreography of the song and has done a fabulous job.

Click here for the Making of Khilti Kali song from Baaji

And OKB Can Dance, Saala!

Osman Khalid Butt’ haters must take a look at the song to realize he is the finest dancer we have. He has been dancing ever since his theatre days and choreographed two fantastic songs in Parchi last year. The ‘lass on the loose’ Amna Ilyas compliments him perfectly showing her dance moves and expressions perfectly, something that until now only Mehwish Hayat was capable of on this side of the border.

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And then there is the Meera Ji!

Meera Ji also makes her entrance here as well and we all know she has been dancing into our hearts since forever. Both Amna and Meera look great in their different avatars and compliment each other’s styles. Surprisingly, Zeb Bangash’s vocals ‘look’ different on both of them, such is the magic of visuals.

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