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Amir Khan Offers His 60,000 Square-Foot Four Storey Building To Treat COVID-19 Patients!

Amir Khan

Boxer Amir Khan offers his help to the NHS!

The COVID-19 Pandemic is being faced by the whole world now and commoners and influential’s are also taking part in dealing with the situation whether they are celebrities and athletes, and Boxer Amir Khan is the latest to join the league.

The famous British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan offered his help by offering his 60,000 square-foot four-story building to treat COVID-19 patients. Amir Khan’s space was made for a wedding hall and a retail store. He shared his thoughts through the tweets he wrote:

“I am aware of how difficult it is for the public to get a hospital bed in this tragic time. I am prepared to give my 60,000 square-foot, a four-storey building which is due to be a wedding hall and retail outlet to NHS [the National Health Service] to help people affected by the coronavirus. Please keep safe.”

He further added:

“NHS in my hometown (Bolton), knowing we are looking down the barrel of bed shortages and people not getting vital treatment. They have thanked me, however, currently, they have not reached capacity. NHS Bolton will bear this in mind. The offer is there. Please keep safe everyone.”

Previously the boxer shared his online workout to motivate people to do a workout at home during the lockdown, prompting a similar video tweet by famous Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam as well. It is heartwarming to see these privileged people are stepping in and doing what they can do to fight the pandemic, as, in the UK, over 9,000 people are tested positive for COVID-19.

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