All Is Hell In Indian Occupied Kashmir!


Pakistan has condemned India’s lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir since last week and they restrained them to perform their religious activities on Eid ul Azha.

On 15th August, as India celebrated its Independence Day, Pakistan observed it as a Black day in solidarity with Kashmir.

While Muslims from all over the world offered prayers in large congregations as part of their religious duty on Eid, Kashmiris were stripped off their right to do so in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Now the voices are creeping up from Indians as well regarding the brutal situation in the valley. There own people are raising voice for the rights of Kashmiris. Modi government has turned their backs on their own people who are supporting Kashmiris.

As the CPI-ML Secretary Kavita Krishnan revealed the brutal situation of Kashmir valley, no one was allowed to come out of their homes. The young Kashmiris boys are taken away from their houses without any proof of wrongdoing. The young Kashmiri girls are threatened to be taken away from their families.

This is the situation of Kashmir as their media is not allowed to voice for the people of Kashmiris. She also revealed that the national media reporting all is well in Kashmir but unfortunately all is hell in Kashmir.


A Retired Air Vice Marshal of Indian Air force Kapil Kak said,

“Kashmir didn’t let India down, India has let down Kashmir.”

He also said the decision of scrapping Article 370 should have been based on the mutual understanding with the people of Kashmir.

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But Modi Sarkar is hell-bent on to butcher the innocent Kashmiris for his rage and hate for Muslims and his extremist mindset. The blind Indians are following the butcher of Kashmir and praising his idiomatic decision regarding the Valley.

After the scrapping of article 370, the valley has turned into one of the biggest prisons of the world as no one is allowed to go out.


The complete communication blockade from more than a week – no telephone, internet service is working in the valley – Kashmiris are also deprived of contacting their families abroad.

The former special director to Intelligence Bureau and the former Chief of RAW Amarjit Singh Dulat responded worriedly over the course of Kashmir issue after the nullifying of article 370 he said,

“I feel Jammu will be the most vulnerable because that is nearest to both Pakistan and Kashmir. Already, since 2008, there has been a divide. Communalism has grown, so Jammu becomes the most vulnerable. In fact, there are more attacks on the security forces in the Jammu area now than in Srinagar.”

He further added,

“In fact, it has already begun. It’s a question of somebody going mad. It is a question of somebody thinking that they have nothing to lose. As it is the Kashmiri has been feeling that for some time… When boys feel it, that is the danger.”

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He also suggested that Kashmir will require more security and good intelligence,

“The trouble with intelligence and security is that there is nothing which is foolproof. If someone is prepared to die, then he will die. And how he commits suicide is of his choosing, his timing. After all, when 9/11 happened, who could have believed that there are people mad enough to fly these planes into the twin towers. So, here also that madness will have to be watched closely. Already there were boys who were ready to do these things, now there will be more boys and more determination.”

However, Pakistan is doing what it takes to raise the voice of Kashmiris in the international community, which includes UNSC and some other relevant bodies to hold India accountable for the crimes against, religion and violating the law of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Nimra Arshad

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