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Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi: No Show from Shafi’s Witnesses in Court

Meesha Shafi

No show from Meesha Shafi or any of her witnesses in court

As per the latest development in the Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi case, the court was adjourned to 17th January 2020 after Meesha Shafi or any of her witnesses failed to appear before the judge.

The court had summoned Meesha Shafi to appear for her cross-examination in the hundred crore defamation case. Shafi’s team had requested adjournments on three occasions prior to this pleading that they would not be able to appear for cross-examination due to lawyer’s strike while the legal team of Ali Zafar was waiting in the court.

Meesha Shafi

The court had granted their request and summoned them on Tuesday, 7th January 2020 but once again there was a no show from Meesha Shafi or any of her witnesses and her lawyer Saqib Jillani requested for an adjournment.

Previously, Ali Zafar had blamed Shafi and her legal team for delaying the defamation case deliberately to escape the trial and added that they don’t want to get exposed further.

The defamation case was filed by Ali Zafar after Meesha Shafi accused him of sexual harassment in a tweet back in 2018.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had endorsed the high court’s order to conclude the case by 20th July 2019 whereas Shafi’s case of harassment against Zafar was dismissed.

Ali Zafar had submitted the complete case to FIA which includes details about the accounts and individuals who were involved in the defamation campaign. Ali said that Meesha Shafi’s allegations have caused him “emotional and financial damage”.

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