Ali Zafar Breaks Silence Over Meesha, LSA Controversy

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Ali Zafar Breaks Silence Over Meesha, LSA Controversy

These days Pakistani Media industry is boiling due to the massive controversy over the LSA 2019 nominations and with nominees boycotting the awards because of Ali Zafar’s presence in the same list So finally, Ali Zafar has broken his silence over all the backlash surrounding his nomination.

Ahsan Khan Speaks Up About LSA Controversy!

The multi talented artist took to Twitter and shared his opening performance at the 15th Lux Style Awards that took place in 2016 and what caught our eye is that Meesha Shafi was in the thumbnail of the video. Even Ali Zafar’s message on Social Media was a bit mysterious.

Is LSA Pleading The Fifth?

He tweeted,

“Alfaaz per tawajjoh de ker ise ghaur se dekhiye. Kuch jawab ismein milein ge aur kuch bohat jald. Ghabraana nahin hai. Her cheez ka aik waqt hota hai aur voh jaldi aane vaala hai”

Ali Zafar sang and danced to a sarcastic song in the opening performance of LSA four years back but who were the lyrics pointing to? Some say its Meesha Shafi while some say it was generally for all showbiz.

Although no one has named Ali Zafar it was too obvious that his nomination in the Best Actor category for Teefa In Trouble hasn’t gone down well with nominees. Other than that no nominee is facing any allegation but the way Ali handled it shows he is least bothered about the boycott.

Saif Samejo Jolts LSA 2019 With A Massive Withdrawal

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