Ali Zafar Blames Meesha Shafi’s Legal Team for Delaying the Defamation Case

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Ali Zafar pleaded in the court that justice delayed is justice denied after Meesha Shafi’s lawyer asked for more time to prepare

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have once again grabbed the spotlight after the controversial case of defamation gets delayed once again!

Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Mr. Saqib Jillani has asked for more time in the court to cross-examine Ali Zafar. Mr. Jillani had previously asked for two weeks of preparation in July. He now pleaded in the court that he needs more time.

Singer/actor Ali Zafar has especially come for this hearing from Europe for this hearing.

He seemed disappointed at yet another delay and pleaded in the court that his case is deliberately being delayed to escape the trial. Ali Zafar added that Meesha Shafi and her ally don’t want to get exposed further.

Ali also demanded in the court that justice delayed is justice denied. He said that it has been over a year since his defamation case against Ms. Shafi is being delayed with 8 adjournments taken by Meesha Shafi’s legal counsel till date.


Mr. Hasham, Ali Zafar’s lawyer, emphasized that Mr. Saqib had asked for two weeks of preparation and they were granted two and a half months of preparation instead. He added that still he is not prepared enough which totally unfair and unjustified.

The court has set the date for the 19th September 2019 as per Mr. Saqib’s availability and convenience despite the plead from Ali and his lawyer for early evidence.


Previously, the Supreme Court of Pakistan endorsed the high court’s order to conclude the case by 20th July 2019 whereas Meesha Shafi’s case of harassment against Zafar was dismissed.

In June, the complete case has been now handed over to FIA by Ali Zafar which includes the details about the accounts and individuals who were involved in the defamation campaign. Ali said that Meesha Shafi’s allegations have caused him “emotional and financial damage”.

Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi: Defamation Case Handed Over to FIA

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