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Ali Sethi’s Chandni Raat Is About Hope

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Ali Sethi’s Chandni Raat Is About Hope, Peace, and Harmony

Popular singer Ali Sethi’s Chandni Raat is a soft and soothing melody with the powerful lyrics that help you to understand the complexities of life. This type of genre is not new for him and in the song we feel the connectivity of the singer with the lyrics and the message.


The song makes you think and that’s because renowned poet Saifuddin Saif penned them 50 years back; the use of only 3 instruments make this a wonderful number. The five-minute music video demonstrates individuals from different walks of life mixed up inside a common space. However, it makes a comparison between the old and the new and gives the audience something to think about.


In the video, every individual is seen sharing the same space yet towards the end, they all meet up, highlighting harmony and connection between them. Popular TV and film director Sarmad Khoosat has directed the video along with Awais Gohar. The soft melody has been composed with the help of violin, trumpet, flugelhorn, and a century-old piano.


Ali Sethi shared the song on his social media and we just can’t get over the line “Chandni raat badi der ke baad ayi hai, lab pe ik baat badi der ke baad aayi hai.”


The melody has been created by Noah Georgeson with Nijat Ali on the violin, Tyler Cash on the piano and Jordan Katz on the trumpet and flugelhorn.

Ali Sethi Chandni Raat Official Video:

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