Ali Noor to Get Discharged from Hospital After Recovering from Acute Liver Failure

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Update: Famous musician Ali Noor is getting better after being hospitalized in a critical condition with acute liver failure.

Singer Fakhir Mehmood took to Twitter to share this good news with his followers. He also shared a picture with his fellow singer Ali Noor and said that he will get discharged today.

Here’s what Fakhir Mehmood wrote:


The news of Ali Noor being hospitalized in a critical condition on Tuesday night left his fans and colleagues upset and they prayed for his quick recovery.

Well, the good news is that the rockstar of Noori band is now in recovery and his health has improved. According to the Express Tribune, doctors are positive about Ali Noor getting in a much safer zone in the next few days and he’s on the path of a slow recovery.

Moreover, his family members are also happy as the singer no longer requires a liver transplant.

Two days back, Ali Noor was hospitalized with acute liver failure and this news created tension on social media. This heartbreaking news left his millions of followers upset and they all are prayed for him to get well soon.

People were also worried after Ali Noor’s extended family members posted that they are looking for a liver donor for an urgent transplant.

However, Ali Hamza took to social media and requested people to stay calm. He also cleared that they are looking for a liver donor as the local law only allows donors who are a part of the family.

Here’s what Ali Hamza wrote:

Guys!! No need to panic as yet. Inshallah Ali Noor will be back on his feet very soon!

He has suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business.

As for needing a liver donor, the doctors are saying that we do need to have people on standby, but they can only be family members – our local law does not allow outside of family donors.

But more than any thing, most probably, Inshallah Inshallah we won’t have to go that route. We are already seeing improvement in Ali Noor’s condition.

What we need are prayers from everyone that Ali Noor recovers in full form!

Now, the news of his condition getting will surely be a relief for them. We really hope and pray that our rockstar recovers soon.

Moreover, family members and friends of Ali Noor have once again requested the fans to keep on praying. They said that he has been a real fighter throughout this ordeal.

Kayenat Kalam

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