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Adnan Sami Gets Trolled on Twitter for Anti-Pakistan Sentiments

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Adnan Sami wrote that Pakistan Army has provoked war with its neighbors and destroyed democracy and the mindset of the people

The famous singer Adnan Sami has once again become the target of internet trolls for his anti-Pakistan sentiments that make headlines every other day.

The Indian singer is popularly referred to as ‘Major Adnan Sami’ by Pakistani trolls who call him the secret ‘ISI’ agent working in India for Pakistan. Born in Pakistan, Adnan recently got Indian nationality and he faces a lot of criticism for being so vocal in support of India ever since.

Where he gets all the hate for his anti-Pakistani Tweets, he has also become the most trending meme on social media. Considering the current situation between India and Pakistan, he has once again become the center of attention on Twitter for his sheer patriotism for India and hatred towards Pakistan.

However, the Kabhi Tau Nazar Milao singer is currently in hot waters on social media after he tweeted against Pakistan army. He wrote that the Pakistan Army has not only provoked wars with its neighbors but has also destroyed democracy and the mindset of Pakistanis.

Here’s what Adnan Sami wrote:

Not just that, when asked by a Pakistani to speak up about the Kashmir Issue Adnan  wrote:

Moreover, he simply cannot stop discussing all that’s wrong with Pakistan!

Where Adnan Sami is still obsessed with Pakistan after getting Indian nationality, Pakistanis make sure to give him all the attention he ‘seeks’!

Secretary-General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Khurram Nawaz Gandapur called him a ‘Traitor’ after this Tweet!

And he’s been getting trolled on Twitter…………once again!

Major Adnan Sami is back again because apparently, we need his services!

The former Pakistani now Indian singer likes the attention he gets through his Tweets. Where he makes headlines in India for his utmost loyalty, he also trends in Pakistan and Adnan shares all the news written on him on his Twitter account. Way to go!

What do you think about Adnan Sami’s comments about Pakistan and Kashmir? Let us know in the comments below!

Kayenat Kalam

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