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Aamir Qureshi’s Short Film ‘Courage’ Holds a Strong Message for Men

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Aamir Qureshi’s short film ‘Courage’ comes with thought-provoking questions that will leave you wondering for a while.

In the era of web series and short films, many talented filmmakers have come up with some amazing projects that became widely popular among the audience.

The veteran actor Aamir Qureshi has also joined the list of such creative people and has left us awestruck with his latest short film ‘Courage’ that comes with a very strong message for our society, especially for men.

Written and directed by Aamir Qureshi, ‘Courage’ is a 2-minute short film focusing on a very important yet simple message that most young boys and men can relate to. And, it will leave you with a lot of questions for yourself and a fresh perspective to see things differently from now on.

Watch Aamir Qureshi’s Short Film Courage below!

The film starts as a young man is shown working hard to maintain his body and fitness. He seems very proud of having the ‘ideal’ body that’s a dream for many boys. His strong presence gets the attention of everyone as he walks flaunting his muscles on the street and random people praise him.

aamir qureshi's courage

He comes across a pretty girl and tries to flirt with her. Everything goes smoothly till a robber tries to snatch the girl’s bag and points a gun at her. The girl cries for help and surprisingly, the visibly rough and tough guy hides behind the wall rather than helping her.

courage short film

The situation gets worse as the robber is about to shoot her but then, an elderly disabled man comes to save the day and beats the robber with his walking stick.

aamir qureshi

Seeing this happening in front of his eyes, the muscular guy feels ashamed of himself. He realizes that his fitness and muscles won’t be of any use till he doesn’t get the courage to face any difficulty without thinking twice.

However, the film is only 2-minutes long, its overwhelming yet simple message will leave many people thinking about it for a while. Aamir Qureshi has done an impeccable job to convey the strong message behind this story in merely 120 seconds and we absolutely loved it. It emphasizes the need to build a strong presence of mind and courage that will help us to deal with problems with ease.

Aamir Qureshi also shared on Twitter that his short film ‘Courage’ has been selected in 2 international film festivals and it is indeed, a very proud moment for all of us.

Here’s what he wrote:

‘Courage’ stars Zohaib Hassan, Laiba Khan, Junaid Awan, and Naveed Malik. We hope to see more such films from Aamir Qureshi in the future.

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