A-Plus – Dil e Bereham Episode 14 Review

Director Ali Raza Osama’s Dil e Bereham continues to portray mediocre advancements in a superficial manner and although the latest episode does not carry anything special, it has its moments.

Aiza (Amar Khan) goes to rescue Tabish (Wahaaj Ali) at Farah (Najma Kifayat)’s home. Farah’s parents show resistance until Tahira (Irsa Ghazal) also appears on the scene and takes her son back. According to the plan, Tahira shows mistrust towards her son and Aiza too, is getting suspicious of him. On the other hand, Bisma (Kiran Butt) asks Sheheryar (Fraz Farooqui) to return to her and Aleena (Mariyum Nafees) therefore comes to know about Sheheryar’s disinterest in their marriage. Komal (Hina Bayat) tries to manipulate Masood to take back Nazia (Anam Tanveer), on which he politely gives her a shut-up call.

Nothing indispensable has been brought forward by the episode this time which moves at an unhurried pace, disappointing the viewers. Some sequences are actually going to make you sentimental like Mani’s birthday celebrated by her mother and daughter, and his memories. Moreover, Shah Alam also commemorates his birthday, this scene adds genuineness to the narrative. Performances are expectedly fine: the episode finally gives a chance to Mariyum Nafees and Anum Tanveer to showcase their characters a bit more. Amar Khan is good and Samina Ahmad delivers a heart-warming performance. Rest of the characters assist in advancing the narrative forward. Overall, the run-of-the-mill episode highlights nothing but it doesn’t really mean that we have halted our expectations from this splendid drama.

Sheheryar Shahid

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