A-Plus – Dil e Bereham Episode 12 Review

The mystery series Dil e Bereham presents another enthralling episode that depicts some absorbing sequences which raise our expectations with the promising serial. The episode begins with Aiza (Amar Khan) who keeps on waiting for Tabish (Wahaaj) but he does not turn up because he is in Farah (Najma Kifayat)’s home in an unconscious state. Afterward, Farah accuses him of sexual assault as soon as he regains consciousness. Moreover, despite his strong resistance, her fake parents do not let him go out of the house. On the other hand, Aiza warns Farah to return Tabish, to which Farah comes up with the explosive disclosure – she is actually Tahira (Irsa Ghazal)’s niece and will destroy Aiza.

The best thing about the drama is that it never fails to impress us. The nail-biting sequence of Farah and Tabish is a trendsetter for all the dramas of the same genre. The dynamized plot always digs up something intoxicatingly out-of-the-box things and all the credit goes to the writer Mansoor Saeed. There are certain glitches like the incorrect depiction of time: Farah questions Aiza for calling her at night but the sun could be seen brightly behind her.

The performances are expectedly good; Najma Kifayat tries her best but still lacks energy while Amar Khan is right on dots in every frame. Wahaj Ali acts proficiently while the rest of the characters do not have much screen space in the episode. Overall, the drama is effortlessly fulfilling our expectations through an enchanting content and its crunchy nature leaves us craving for more.

Sheheryar Shahid

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