A-Plus – Dil e Bereham Episode 11

The mystery series Dil e Bereham continues to amaze us through another mature episode that takes a plodding start but manages to entertain us. It includes substantial developments which have been pulled off quite intelligently by the director, Syed Ali Raza Usama knows how to establish proximity between the sub-plots.

Komal (Hina Bayat) wins Aleena’s confidence by guiding her and resultantly she goes back home. On the other hand, Sheheryar (Fraz Farooqui)’s father (Tanveer Jamal) fakes a stroke, in order to get the amount from Aleena (Mariyum Nafees) who agrees to ask Shah Alam (Behroze Sabzwari) for more money. Farah (Najma Kifayat) summons Tabish (Wahaj Ali) wickedly through her parents, and confesses her love for him. Consequently, he collapses at her place after getting angry, due to the adulterated drink given to him.

The episode presents the out-of-the-box narrative thoroughly. The sequence of Tabish and Farah is the highlight of the episode; how organically it has been filmed. I would also like to give a shout to the writer Mansoor Saeed for penning down so crispy and nail-biting piece: every episode conceives a new twist, which is not only fascinating but is out and out acceptable on rational grounds. I like the camera work of the play and how dramatically the scenes of the past are demonstrated; it is like an emotional roller-coaster.

As far as the performances are concerned, every performer is right on dots. Amar Khan is magical whereas Wahaj Ali conveys a genuine performance. Even Najma Kifayat has improved much, in terms of performing; she acts sophisticatedly. Kiran Butt is really efficient and Mariyum Nafees elegantly does her job. Rest of the characters assist in moving the narrative forward. On the whole, the surprising and crunchy twists and the overall cloak-and-dagger atmosphere leaves us craving for more.

Sheheryar Shahid

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