A-Plus – Dil e Bereham Episode 10

The engrossing thriller drama Dil e Bereham brings another fetching episode this week. Apart from a few glitches, the episode put forward some immersing confrontations between the characters, which therefore raises the bar.
Tahira (Irsa Ghazal) criticizes Aiza (Amar Khan) since Daadi (Samina Ahmad) goes out of the home all alone whereas Aleena (Mariyum Nafees) subliminally expresses her vexation to Sheheryar (Faraz Farooqui). Bisma (Kiran Butt) keeps on teasing Aleena through phone calls and consequently, Aiza considering this her opportunity manipulates her subtly and halts her from going back home. Farah (Najma Kifayat) continues her struggle to pull Tabish (Wahaj Ali) towards her and her motivation booms when she receives a solid monetary reward from Tahira. Komal (Hina Bayat) and Tahira confront each other where the latter warns the former to educate Aiza to stay in limits without getting a reaction. Surprisingly, Aiza secretly meets Bisma and tells her to keep doing her job by teasing Aleena, and asks her to wait for further instructions.
The episode although has not been intelligently executed to the level of the previous ones but still, give us good vibes. The best part of the serial is the unexpected twists. However, there is a glitch at the start of the episode and was a very tangible one; in one scene Daadi comes home and in the very next scene Tahira trounces Aiza that Daadi is not at home: this is a very noticeable mistake. Moreover, how did Tahira change her dress in a few minutes?
The story is advancing rapidly and the coherence between the scenes is laudable thanks to Ali Raza Usama’s smooth direction. The performances are perfect: Irsa Ghazal and Hina Bayat play rivals and their hatred for each other makes the drama better than the rest. I like the audacity of Najma Kifayat’s character and the way she has done her job is up-to-the-mark. Amar Khan is subtle and it is good to see a young actress like her taking on bigger and senior names; Wahaj Ali is alluring but needs to have more screen presence. Even Mariyum Nafees does really very well and Kiran Butt; she is the eye candy of the episode. The drama is expectedly going on and we are looking forward to some fresh crunchy content.

Sheheryar Shahid

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