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A Lux Ad Where the Girl Is In the Driving Seat!

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Breaking all the stereotypes, the latest Lux Ad has left all in awe, raising the bar high for the rest!

The latest Lux ad by Asim Raza features our superstar Saba Qamar as the new Lux girl in town but unlike any other before!

This time, our  new Lux girl is not just about beauty as she has a story to tell and it is relatable to the majority of women in our society. Where she has the charisma and she is stunning, she is also confident and bold enough to make her own choices in life. And, she’s not the one who will wait for you to open the door but, you’ll find her in the driving seat!

The Cheekh star took to Twitter to share her latest Lux ad and oh boy, we are absolutely loving it!

Saba captioned it:

“Log kya kahaingey? Logon ka kaam hai baatain banana, per Khoobsurti se kya Sharmana ⚡💫 New TVC for lux ✨”

Watch Saba Qamar’s latest Ad below!

The news of Saba Qamar being the next Lux made it to headlines last month. We knew something special will come to our screens as it will feature our favorite star. And, it absolutely exceeded our expectations and we cannot be more proud of her!

It’s indeed great news that Saba has now joined the glamorous list of Lux girls that include Babra Sharif, Samina Peerzada, Neeli, Reema, Meera, Mahira Khan, and Iman Aly among others.

We all love Saba for her remarkable performances in a number of projects. Her latest drama ‘Cheekh’ is becoming quite a popular day by day and we all love her strong-headed character ‘Mannat’ in this play.

The Baaghi actress has also proved her mettle on the other side of the border. Her debut film in Bollywood ‘Hindi Medium’ (2017) earned her recognition around the world. She also won the Masala award for the ‘Breakthrough performance of the Year’ in 2018.

We are truly happy for her as has now become the face of the leading beauty brand. And, we wish her all the best for future endeavors.

Kayenat Kalam

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